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The creative thinking and expressive skills developed in music education are invaluable assets in workforce and college success. Evidence shows that participation in music correlates with increased test scores, increased school attendance, as well as behavioral and emotional growth. Music is a vehicle for self-expression, confidence, discipline, emotional regulation, innovative thinking, and problem-solving skills that are increasingly critical preparation for the contemporary world.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

  • Performance: Learn skills in performance including how to read, write, and interpret music on your instrument of choice. Our teachers draw from several pedagogical techniques to create a curriculum that is fun, active, inquiry-based, and student-driven. Work collaboratively to set goals, pick repertoire, and build a strong musical foundation. Come prepared to sing, improvise, analyze, and play.
  • Composition/songwriting: Our teachers will work one-on-one to help you find your creative voice. Receive in-depth feedback on music you’ve created in a supportive, encouraging environment. Learn how to notate, edit, and proofread your music while clarifying composition goals and performance opportunities.

Virtual Lessons

While in-person instruction is the ideal method for learning music, our staff specialize in technology integration and are uniquely equipped to teach online. Virtual lessons can be effective, meaningful, creative, and fun. We supplement lessons with customized videos and engaging tools designed for practicing at home.

Group Classes

One of our Core Values at DRMS is collaboration and building a community of musicians. Students will develop skills needed to perform in a group through options such as rock band, electronic ensemble, chamber groups, choir, large classical ensemble, or contemporary music ensemble. While private lessons are not mandatory to participate in group classes, the student-teacher relationships built in private lessons allow teachers to tailor groups designed to bring out each student’s strengths, and help students reach the next level in their musical study. Group performance classes involve a combination of musicianship skills, analysis, and composition. Group instruction classes are a deep dive into one skill with a community of learners on a similar level.


DRMS offers a variety of workshops ranging from instrument masterclasses, electronic music production workshops, music research and history lectures, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information about upcoming events.


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Early Childhood

Our early childhood classes encourage children’s imagination and natural love of music. The rewards of playing singing games are many. These activities sharpen listening skills, provide social interaction with others and pave the way for other musical learning. Our teachers pull from training in a variety of active play-based methods such as Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Suzuki. Family members are invited to participate in class, building relationships and observing their child’s development. DRMS provides early childhood classes in a range of ages from infancy up to 6 years old.

Electronic Music

In a climate where people can create the music they love and listen to daily with only a laptop and a few pieces of software, most schools still do not currently offer an option for music technology. DRMS is the only school in the Denver-Metro area that offers a wide variety of electronic music production lessons and classes. Our school has a state-of-the-art music technology lab, equipped with many different programs and instruments centered around creating and performing music electronically. We provide lessons and classes for whether a student is interested in creating their own music, or learning to perform using technology.

Virtual Lesons

Group Lessons

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