Group Classes

One of our Core Values at DRMS is collaboration and building a community of musicians. Students will develop skills needed to perform in a group through options such as rock band, electronic ensemble, chamber groups, choir, large classical ensemble, or contemporary music ensemble.

While private lessons are not mandatory to participate in group classes, the student-teacher relationships built in private lessons allow teachers to tailor groups designed to bring out each student’s strengths, and help students reach the next level in their musical study. Group performance classes involve a combination of musicianship skills, analysis, and composition. Group instruction classes are a deep dive into one skill with a community of learners on a similar level.

Spring 2022 class update

In addition to our core classes "Laptop Ensemble" and "Beats and Babies", we are pairing students into duets/trios/small ensembles for students that we think will work well together, are on similar levels, and play complementary instruments. However, you do not need to be a current private lesson student in order to participate! If you are new to the Deeply Rooted family and are interested in being placed in a group, please contact us or give us a call at (303) 999-0072!

Spring 2022 Classes

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