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Kid playing piano with teacher supporting and encouraging

" daughter's lessons are the highlight of her week."

- Katherine, Parent

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons tailored to the student.​

Piano lessons at Deeply Rooted span across all genres from rock to jazz, classical, and pop. Imagine your student coming home from a lesson, running to the keyboard in the family room, and playing you their favorite song! Not only does our piano program teach the fundamentals of the piano, but it gives students the opportunity to express their creativity, collaborate with others, and write their own music. No matter your age or skill level, our expert teachers are here to foster a love for all things piano!



Girl Playing Piano Guitars On Wall

Lauren, Parent

My 6 and and 8 year olds have been taking piano and guitar lessons at Deeply Rooted for over a year and LOVE it. Their teachers are knowledgeable, very patient and always going the extra mile to engage the kids using their specific interests. The overall vibe is incredibly warm and welcoming.

Teacher And Girl At Piano

Dan, Parent

Deeply Rooted Music School is outstanding! They go beyond just teaching music; they nurture a deep love for it. The owners are experienced educators and accomplished musicians who create an environment that's as welcoming as it is enriching. My children absolutely adore their time here, and I couldn't be happier.

Group Of Kids Gathered Around Piano

Laura, Parent

Deeply Rooted is a fantastic music school. They aren't just teaching their students to play an instrument, they're giving students the opportunity to love music. The owners are trained educators and professional musicians who welcome students with open arms.

Our Piano Teachers
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Matthew Cox Piano Teacher Headshot

Matthew Cox


Ignacio piano teacher posing
Callum Bair piano guitar teacher

Callum Bair


Joel Zigman Piano Teacher Headshot

Joel Zigman


Voice teacher Bonnie Utter singing

Bonnie Utter


Sofia piano voice teacher

Sofia Avery


Stephanie Chan Piano Teacher Headshot

Stephanie Chan


Lily Conrad Teacher Headshot

Lily Conrad


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